This project was sponsored by Newell/Rubbermaid as a packaging exercise. Newell / Rubbermaid’s subsidiary tool and construction equipment company Irwin was concerned that their current packaging was not reaching their target market. They didn't want to get lost in the "SEA OF YELLOW & BLUE" that is often found on an average wall of products available at home Depot. Their goals were to appear more attractive to their user market and distinguish themselves apart from other brands.


observing the products visability
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So in order to accomplish this task, I went to Home Depot and observed products, packaging, who was buying what and why they were buying it. I also took a look at competitors and analyzed why they were doing quantitatively better than Irwin in this product category.
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When looking at Irwin's brand language, identity as a whole, and the strategy that they were using to capture market share and retain market value, I thought about how they communicate the product they’re selling, its benefits to the consumer, the face value, and how other companies were capitalizing on this. I wanted to make sure that in the final design, their product communicated and resonated with the user, and make sure that the consumer is getting the info that they need.

Original Packaging

The original packaging was very simple. There was nothing to attract potential new customers or even convert other brand loyal consumers. The strategy for the newly designed packaging was to just put the product into the hands of the consumers. Offering extra cases of blades with the purchase of the knives. Being very explicit with terminology on the face of the package was also an addition. Clearly showing what you get and explaining why it’s better. Also, by styling the package more aggressively draws the eye of the target consumer.

New Packaging Concept

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My Role: Solo Project